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The team was created in October 2011 by a few friends playing WoT together in clan “Odem Mortis”. The initial intention was to just try out ESL leagues for fun and some more competitive play next to ingame clan wars and tournaments. As time passed on we were able to reach some good placements in Go4WoT tournaments and started to take it more seriously. During 2012 we were able to reach some remarkable achievements and so we decided to stay with the game and the team to strive for more successes even though we had several changes in our rooster because of personal reasons. In 2012 we were gaining more and more players from Pirates [PTS] as [OM] and [PTS] merged and became partly international instead of staying a full german team. We stayed with close connections to the Odem Mortis Community and Pirates until we finally took the step to go professional by sharing our future successes as Team “DragonBorns – Odem Mortis [DB]” with our new partners.

  • WG Tournaments:
    • Mangled Metal: Gold, Bronze
    • Easy Eight : Gold
    • Super 6: 2x Gold
    • Fun Cup: Silver
    • First AllStar Medal (silver) holders
    • Ural Steel 2012 Finals: 4th place
  • ESL Tournaments:
    • Company Cup: 2x 1st in Qualifier, 2x 1st in Playoffs
    • Go4Wot Cups: several top 3 placements, incl. 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    • IEM Katowice: 2nd place
    • AllStar Tournament: 4th place
  • Other Tournaments:
    • National Champion Germany 2012
    • National Team Germany at WCG Grand Finals 2012