Maciej “Shushei” Ratuszniak, 24 – Poland. From early age he was very passionate about science fiction and computer games. At the time of the great popularity of Warcraft III – Defense of the Ancients he exhibited a high level of skill in the game, but did not reach greater success. Shushei’s real career began with the advent of new, young game – League of Legends. His DotA experience allowed him to quickly climb to the top players and it resulted in his joining the team Fnatic. With this team in Season 1 Maciej proved to be one of the best players in a very fast-growing LoL scene, reaching in 2012 the title of World Champion. The next year was no longer littered with roses for Shushei, a drop of form and end of cooperation with Fnatic, led Shushei to hide in the shadow of the best Legue of Legends players. However, this did not discourage him to try to create a new team to get back on top. Along with his friend Eryk “HosaN” Wilczyński, formed a team called iWantCookie and later with help of their friends they created innovative electronic sports organization – The world once again got reminded about the most unconventional LoL player when Maciej together with the DB team advanced to the LCS in Season 3.

Shushei Use

Siberia v2 Frost BlueSiberia v2 Frost Blue




Sensei MLG Edition

6G v26G v2


DBest OrangeDBest Orange

dragona_orange The DragonA Orange


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