League of Legends Female

llinkis llinkis

Bellanova Bellanova

Felina Felina

kiiiisu kiiiisu

Shanysse Shanysse


The team was founded in august 2012 under the name “Tryhard Kitten inc.” by two Estonian players, Bellanova and Kiiiisu. On a female League of Legends discussion group they found their AD Carry, Llinkis, who brought her friend Felina, “the best AP Carry EU”, with her. After finding the last missing member they attended to ESL Female cups, breaking through the games straight to the first place twice in a row. Due to personal issues their jungler had to leave and this is when the team received a message from Shanysse and since the very beginning she fit the team very well.
Together they grabbed the 1st place again in the ESL Female Cup and started some serious trainings in the 5v5 ranked ladder, which brought attention of team.
While playing under the DB tag girls want to prove themselves as capable of competing with professional players. Constant training and attending to some small online tournaments results in the team becoming harder, better, faster, stronger and hopefully they will show everyone what they are made of.


1st – Ladies<3LoL #8 Winter Cup 2012 Champions

1st – Female Gaming League of Legends Cups Ladies <3LoL #7 (5on5 – EU West)

3rd – Female Gaming League of Legends Cups Ladies <3LoL #11 (5on5 – EU West)

1st - ESL Female go4lol April 2013

1st - Female LoL Cups Ladies<3LoL #19