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Michał “Versus” Majtyka, age 19 – Poland (Bielsko-Biała). Versus has been playing football ever since he was four. It was a lion’s share of his every single day. When he was coming back home he has always prefered watching football programmes than cartoons. When he grew up it lead him to EA SPORTS FIFA SERIES. The primary title was FIFA 98 World Cup and then each subsequent. He used to play offline modes prepared by EA each year such as „career” or „become a legend” until FIFA 07 when he started to play online via game public servers. He met some people who were playing online tournaments in a fifa forum. When FIFA10 was released some well-known players convinced him to try his hand at ESL, where all top players were playing. He started to achieve some minor successes and then was given a chance by a few esport organizations to play in some big tournaments and then the path of glory has began. Currently he is playing for us as we saw big potential in this still young player. He has already shown good results at some major FIFA events, one of the biggest for him is surely winning the Polish Vice Champion title in FIFA 12. With no doubts the decision of taking him to our team will be one of the greatest in his and DB history.

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