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Bartosz “Bartas” Tritt, age 22 – Poland (Poznań). One of the best FIFA players in the world shows that hard work and faith in yourself gives effects. Bartas started playing FIFA when he was in secondary school. The beginnings were very tough for him, losses like 0:9, 2:7 weren’t allowing him to think about winning tournaments. But desire to be the best had won and after every lost game his will to play FIFA wasn’t weaker but it made him wanted to play and train more and more. And now after years if someone will ask him was it worth, he will definitely answer that yes. He became World & European Vice Champion in FIFA 12. Now when you will ever in your life have any concerns about stopping work you do, think about Bartas. Would he collect so many awards if he would stop playing FIFA after his big losses at the beginning? Being consequent is his advice for all of you. Never give up! As mentioned above he started playing with friends in FIFA 2002. But real competitive gaming began for him with the FIFA 11. That was the moment when he turned to be a PRO player and started winning major events. He changed the way of preparing for tournaments. We can say it was real fantastic bull’s eye for him. In addition you should also know that all his achievements haven’t changed him at all. He’s still the same funny and kind guy he was before that. When you’ll ever meet him at LAN event, in shop or on the street don’t hesitate to poke him. No matter where he appears he’s always the life and soul of the party.

Bartas use

Flux Luxury Flux Luxury

Sensei MLG Edition

6G v26G v2


DBest Blue DBest Blue

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