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Shushei & co. placing 2nd in IIT

Riot International Invitational Tournament is over. At the end our pupils managed to got 2nd place and award as €3 000.

In the quaterfinal we were facing Polish team GF-Gaming. Poles who placed 1st in groupstage had nothing to say in match against DragonBorns.net. DB won quite surprisingly 2:0. mousesports were our opponent in the semifinal. Shushei & co. had in their heads defeat from groupstage and they were eager for revenge. DB captured what they were heading for. Our very last match in this tournament was against Samurai in Jeans. It was also our one and only discomfiture in the play-off’s. SiJ won this match 3:0.

  1. Samurai in Jeans – €6 000
  2. DragonBorns.net - €3 000
  3. against All authority - €1 500