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Project Cosplay IronScale Shyvana: Styling WIG

Hello everyone :D

I’m gonna tell you how I was working on Shyvana cosplay and what I did step by step :) First I bought or ordered everything. I got wigs from eBay, rest like foam, paints or glue, I got from online shops. But today I’m gonna talk about wig :P

Step 1

At first it looked like this:

Step 2

I separated 2 strands of hair, tied them and cut above the hairband:3

Step 3

Separated hair I wanted to cut and started cutting. You can see the difference on picture (cut strand is on right side :P ):

Step 4

Then styled it so it would look more like the picture I have. Hairspray OP! :D


And here we have final effect with quick make up and contact lences :)