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Interview with DB.WoT

Only 3 days left until DreamHack Summer 2013. Our World of Tanks players will be there to fight in World of Tanks Pro League Finals. They are going to face there with 5 teams from Europe for €90 000. DB.WoT are still preparing for that, but they managed to find few minutes to answer few questions.

In April this year you’ve joined Why did you decided for this team? Did you have any other offers?Yes, actually we did have more options to decide from. Our decision for DragonBorns was based on several things. For one we liked the fact that DragonBorns approached us by themselves, unlike other teams and options which were started by contacts initiated by Wargaming. Then we actually liked having a smaller organization instead of just being an addition to a big group of players with likely less intense contacts. The offers were very similar regarding the contracts, so our decision was made from a personal view and on how the conversations were like. Finally the dragon hats just look awesome :)

Your first big succes under the flag of is qualifying for WoT Pro League finals. Was it hard to achieve?
Well, yes it was. We really had bad timing as we were reorganizing our team quite a bit right before WGL started. We lost some members because of personal issues, one became a happy father to a newborn and another one started off in a new career which consumed too much time for them. In total we started off with a half new team which forced us to relearn teamplay and which cost us some valuable points in the first half of the season. We improved a lot over time and were able to crawl up in the rankings from 9th to 5th place again. But that was hard work indeed. The end of season was very close and it came down to mini league comparisons between several teams and a really thrilling last match against MYM where we saved our spot on the last map with a 3:2 standing. But as we are back on our feet again the next season looks more promising.

In the very first round of Pro League pre-playoff’s you are facing Finnish team SPALE. During regular season you were facing them two times. After pretty close matches you lost twice 2:3. Are you afraid of your opponents?
During the season we had intense matches which were decided by small mistakes. We respect SPALE, we known what they can do. On Dreamhack, we are going to enter this match with our heads up. We will try to avoid mistakes from past and show audience exciting matches with hopefully lucky ending for Dragonborns.

Who do you think have the biggest chance for winning this tournament and why?
When you see results from basic stage, VPRO looks like clear winners. But SPALE manage to suprise them and beat them at start and since this is offline event with lot of stress and expectation, other team can prepare tactics that will beat them. In my eyes any team can nachieve a win, all depends on their mind to stay positive all the time and go for the wins. Past offline events, like IEM Kattowice, showed that results on these events often differ from other rankings of online leagues and cups. So we are really looking forward to it!

What are your team’s plans for the nearest future? You are going to visit any offline tournaments or you will focus on WoT Pro League?
We are still in the NVIDIA GeForce cup, trying to reach regional finals to win a trip to the Grand Final. Furthermore we will try to get our members into WCG teams in their corresponding countries – as WCG is played by national teams. Last year we managed to visit the Grand Finals so we hope to visit Kunshan again. It is not optimal as half of our team is from other countries than Germany and since competition has increased considerably, but we will give our best anyways and try for the qualifiers under the DragonBorns tag. Apart from that we currently don´t have offline events on our schedule as there are not that many options for WoT yet.