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DragonBorns.net with World of Tanks division!

DragonBorns.net, announced its partnership with brand new World of Tanks division. Team Odem Mortis is now part of DB!
“After almost one and a half years of fierce matches, hard earned achievements and roster changes we finally came to a conclusion. We need to do the final step!” – says Martin “Scharthak” Schlechtinger, Team Odem Mortis manager. “So, after a long journey through ups and downs, I can announce today that this last step has been done. Team Odem Mortis is happy to announce its new liaison with DragonBorns.net under the name of “DragonBorns – Odem Mortis [DB]” and with their partner SteelSeries, who will aid us with their support and fine equipment to improve our team beyond trained skill.”