About us

aboutpngDragonBorns.Net is a professional polish eSport organisation created on 11th November 2012 by a group of passionate friends who, for years, had gathered experience concerning eSports. One of the founders is Maciej ‘Shushei’ Ratuszniak, a former pro player of global eSports organization: Team Fnatic, who, with his former team, won the First Season of League of Legends Championship Series (a global league organized by the game’s developer – Riot Games).
Organisation’s first success was victory on SCAN Invitational, but DragonBorns becamse famous for another of their triumphs: the admission to LCS – League of Legends Championship Series Season 3 – the winter edition of struggles between the best pro League of Legends teams in Europe. During the qualifiers played in Złote Tarasy in Warsaw, DragoBorns confirmed their unpredictability, passion and they showed character as a young, eSports organization that counts.


Currently, the dragons  band together over 20 players divided in 3 divisions of popular games: League of Legends, World of Tanks and FIFA Football. Our players come from 9 European countries, the youngest of them is 17 years old, the oldest being 36 years old. Dragonborns break down any communication and cultural barriers, creating a team of players from all across Europe!


The team also takes an active role in promoting eSports as a whole on colleges, fantasy conventions or IT branch. Always welcoming their fans, we eagerly organise or partake in meetings and tourneys, so that everybody can test their mettle against professional players!

Would you like to become a part of this young project? Do you play in a team with perspectives? Perhaps you’ve got what it takes to become an editor? Do you need help with organizing a tournament or eSports event?

Apply now, at:
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